You may come and volunteer with us for a time. We are grateful for the donation of anyone's gifts. If you are interested in being a volunteer at our school, you may either come here privately or by using an organisation in your country which is sending volunteers to organizations abroad. We have been in partnership with IFRE, Global Crossroads, Miss Porters School US, Ullswater Community College UK and VIA e.V German, VSO Tanzania and many other private volunteers from different parts of the world for such purposes.

Volunteers who come here will be integrated into the environment quickly. They will be welcomed very warmly by our students who love getting to know new volunteers and their very different characteristics and cultural habits. During the last couple of years we have had volunteers from many different countries like the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Australia, Spain and New Zealand. The mixing of many different cultures at Bethsaida opens not only the volunteers' but also our students' minds and gets them interested in foreign languages and cultures.

Everybody who comes here can use his/her skills in helping the girls in their studies (especially sciences), doing arts with them, giving talks or advice about medical matters, teach them dances and songs, helping with homework corrections, etc. is of great assistance to the girls, staff and faculty.
Volunteer Fee
It costs a volunteer 150 USD per week or 350 USD per month which covers accommodation, meals, water, electricity ,internet and other utilities.
Volunteers Lodging
For effectiveness and efficiency of volunteer program at our school, the management team has put up a house with self contained rooms, sitting room, and kitchen to accommodate the volunteers.
Safety of Volunteers 
Bethsaida Girls Secondary School is well secured by "In Security Company Ltd"and the safety of volunteers with their properties is full guaranteed.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, kindly download our Application Form here, fill in all the information needed and send it to Mr. Yona Lumliko:
info@bethsaida.ac.tz or call us at +255 717 764 532