Students Selection
Bethsaida Orphans Education Centre and Bethsaida Secondary School together aim mainly at providing quality secondary education to orphaned and deprived poor girls who are academic excellent but have missed the opportunity to education. Each year we recruit new students who are genuine orphans and vulnerable girls in need across different communities in Tanzania. 
This depends on the National Statistics on population of orphans and vulnerable girls in those respective areas
The management works closely with social welfare department in identified district or municipal councils so as to recruit the qualified students to join our school as per our constistution.

To join the school the genuine orphan girl must fill in an application form and sit for an entrance examination. In addition she must fulfill the following:

Entry Requirements

  • Submit her primary school academic report attached with the recommendation of the Head teacher that she actually completed Standard VII at the said school
  • Be below the age of 17 years
  • If with single parent, show proof of parent’s disability given by village, ward or religious leader.
  • Attach death certificates of both parents 
  • Attach two passport size photographs and one full size photograph to the application form.
  • Submit a letter signed and stamped by the Ten Cell Leader, through the Head teacher and Ward Education Officer, and
  • Submit a comprehensive history of the pupil’s life.


Bethsaida Girls Secondary is a boarding school for orphans and vulnerable girls. It was registered on 11th July, 2006 under the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training with Registration Number S.2354.It is also registered for Certificate of Secondary Education Examination(CSEE).

The school is double stream but due to the constrained resources it has managed to accommodate only single stream in each class(Form I - IV).Due to the good performance of our students in Form naational Examinations , the management of Bethsaida GirlsSecondary School is seeking to register theschool for Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination(ACSEE). The reasonbehind this fact is to allow our students to have the same care and parenting for academic excellence while preparing them to join universities after completion.