Our Programs


Bethsaida Orphans Education Centre and Bethsaida Secondary School together aim mainly at providing quality secondary education to  orphaned and deprived poor girls who are academic excellent but have missed the opportunity to education. Each year we recruit new students who are genuine orphans in need across different regions in Tanzania depending on the National Statistics on population of orphan girls in those respective regions.

 Self Reliance

Our organization is non-profit and we do not have any permanent income generating projects as well as regular donations, we often ask for donations from differentchurchcommunities,organizations, companies,individuals and groups in the country and outside the country.  

Also our students sell CDs and DVDs made by our school choir as well as selling Hand Made Cards of different seasons made by our students at school during their extra-curricular activities.

Furthermore, we keep in asking donations from different individuals, groups, institutions, organizations, church communities and other well wishers who have orphans at heart to support our centre and make a difference in the lives of these girls.

The major challenge we currently face is lack of funds for paying teachers’ salaries, we have nine teachers whom each one need to be paid 700,000 TZS (350 USD) each month.

Please feel free to donate for our centre so that we can continue to help providing education to these girls who have no relatives to support them.

Medical and Health
As the school we ensure that our girls live in a better health conditions which will finally lead them to active in the classes. Despite of the few cases of illness we experience from our girls but we keep in supporting them to ensure they get a nice treatment when they are sick.
In efforts providing better health services, the school has constructed the infirmary within the compound from which our students will receive all treatment and health care when they are sick rather than going to outside hospital/dispensary.
Sports and Games
As the part of body exercises, the school has the timetable for sports and games in which students attend every day with the help of German Volunteers who teaches our students different sports and games.
This sports and games make our girls healthier to continue with their daily activities at school.
Computer Class and Library Services

Our students are equipped with different micro computer applications skills such as Typing, Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, Internet and Emails.

The computer classes are carried out in Computer Laboratory supervised by German Volunteers

Furthermore, these volunteers also supervise the students in library during the preparation time